Seriously? Vice-President Rubio Already?

I almost want to jump ahead to 2016. Mitch Daniels is my guy in 2012, but the new Republicans who excite me the most are Chris Christie and Marco Rubio. Christie is rumoured to be running for President or Vice President at least once a week, and now it appears to be Rubio’s turn. Mind you, he hasn’t even been seated as Senator yet.

You may ask, “Why 2016? Why not 2012?” Basically, I’ve created what I call the “Yes We Can/You Betcha” rule. Simply put, experience matters and as much of a fan as I may be, I require all presidential candidates to have at least proven that they can serve and get re-elected to one full term in whatever office they currently hold. Crazy talk, I know. But before I get behind someone as a potential leader of the free world, I’d like to see that they can handle the job they have now.

Which is not to say Marco Rubio wouldn’t make sense on the ticket…

• A Tea Party favorite
• And a young, fresh face
• With a solid conservative record
• From the critical state of Florida
• He has a compelling American story
• And a rationale greater than himself for running, and for governing
• He appeals to the base
• He appeals to younger (and older) voters
• And he attracts Hispanic voters

He also has more experience than the two implied in the “Yes We Can/You Betcha” rule. He also, granted in my biased opinion, had the most dominate victory in 2010 where he came close to 50% in a three-way race that saw him also take out Charlie Crist’s political career.

That said…can we at least let him celebrate Christmas and get to Washington before we start pushing him towards something else?


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