On Paul Ryan, Michelle Bachmann, and the State of the Union

To quote that great western philosopher John ‘Hannibal’ Smith, I love it when a plan comes together. My partner-in-crime Dacia Nichol and I just did a song aboot Rep. Paul Ryan called “Roadmap to my Heart.” Actually, if I’m being honest, she was the main creative force behind it. Her heart is the one he has a roadmap to. I really just came in for brain storming and to try and rhyme “fiscal reformation.” Either way, the song dropped Thursday night.

Friday afternoon, it was announced that he was giving the response to the State of the Union on January 25th.

Besides being great to the two of us, this was a great movie by the House GOP. There’s been some concern from those of us on the Right how serious they were aboot actually cutting spending and reforming entitlements, and how much was just campaign rhetoric. Having one of our intellectual leaders and one of our best when it comes to arguing conservative policy (video here and here) give the response, the week after unanimously voting to repeal ObamaCare, at the very least show’s the moxy. Conservatives should rejoice.

Enter Michelle Bachmann and the Tea Party Express, who apparently think it’s necessary to have their own response to the State of the Union.

Now, contrary to popular belief, I’m not anti “tea party.” Setting aside the occasional wack job the media (and liberal political organizations likes MSNBC, HuffPo, the NYTimes, etc) cherry pick for the sake of their agenda, the “tea party” is a group of motivated citizens and voters who are getting more engaged with politics and policy. It’s the “Tea Party” as a political organization I have an issue with, because they’re the ones who seem to be more focused on making a profit off of the movement, or more focused on their own ego.

Seriously, I can understand having their own response if Lisa Murkowski was selected to give the response. If that was the case, then it would be obvious the GOP doesn’t have a fucking clue. That’s not the case if they’re choosing Paul Ryan. What’s in his message that the Tea Party objects too where a response is necessary? Other than Michelle Bachman is considering a run for president (don’t get me started), what will this accomplish other than give the media fodder when she screams aboot socialism?

My friend Brian Fojtik (go Packers) over on my Facebook page summed up the problem with this best…

Michele Bachmann is attractive and effectively articulat…es a conservative message. And the most dangerous place in America to stand used to be between Jesse Jackson and a TV camera. Now, it’s between Michele Bachmann and a TV camera. Both sides have their interesting characters that put themselves before anything else. She’s ours. Fortunately, no one in the real world will see her comments unless she says something really crazy. It’s not “responding to the SOTU” as every politician and pundit will do. It’s trying to suggest that the GOP response is not a response worthy of the Tea Party. Frankly, I’d like to see what Congressman Ryan says before drawing that conclusion.

Other than the opportunity he had to question the President during the “Health Care Summit” this is Ryan’s first real opportunity to be on THE national stage. That was Single A ball compared to being in The Show for this. Bachmann should be called out for trying to damage that effort. She shouldn’t get a free pass in trying to damage someone who may be the most critically skilled and in the position to actually change the course of the country. She is attempting to achieve personal gain when she could help Ryan change the future of this country.

Count me as one “Tea Partier” who says “Congresswoman Bachmann shame on you! I’ve supported you and stood up for you when you’ve been attacked because I want you to help Paul Ryan reduce government spending, cut entitlements, the whole nine yards. Otherwise, you’re more part of the problem in fixing this country than the solution, so get out of the way or be pushed out.” (metaphorically speaking … I don’t encourage anyone to physically push anyone else).

Tuesday is going to be fun regardless.


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