Run Newt, Run (even if you won’t win the nomination)

This time four years ago, 90% of the people running for the Republican nomination announced they were running. As of this writing, while 217 people are rumoured, no one has officially announced anything. There have been clues though, like Newt Gingrich looking for office space in Georgia. As much as a fan as I am of the former speaker, there’s no way in hell he can win. I still wan him to run.

Let’s be honest. As a rule, I don’t like to base my opinions on liberal political organizations like MSNBC, the NYTimes, or any other MSM outlet. They’re not only going to find something to criticize any candidate we have, they’ll be intent on finding something to criticize them for. But in the case of Newt…there’s a Fort Knox of opposite research on him somewhere, where incendiary comments are sandwich in between each of his former wives. Newt the pundit is great. Newt the candidate will be divisive and outside of the South, probably not all that appealing to moderate/swing voters.

I still want him to run in the primary though.

While Newt the presidential candidate would be a guaranteed win for Barack Obama, Newt the candidate for the presidential nomination would be driving the debate to see who our nominee is. Even Newt’s most staunch opponents (except for maybe those who carry on that he did a commercial with Nancy Pelosi) will admit that the man has some great ideas.

He’s spent the past few years developing think tanks to develop them, he damn well better have some good ideas. Newt’s paid his position clear on the economy, jobs, healthcare, education reform, the environment, and so on. If he’s the intellectual leader driving the debate, each of the other candidates are going to have to step up.

The other thing, I want to see if he puts his money where his mouth is. He’s been saying for years that there aren’t enough actual debates. Instead of doing the network debate where you have ten people on stage in what’s a glorified joint press conference, Newt wants ten debates where each candidate debates each other candidate one on one. You can do them all over the country and broadcast them on the internets. That way we get a better sense of who the candidates really are. He’s been saying this as an armchair quarterback; let’s see if he backs it up as a potential candidate.

Newt won’t win the nomination, but his is still a valuable voice that we need in the Republican Party. I look forward to hearing more of it over the next year and a half.


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