[VIDEO] Meet the Future of the NY GOP: Lee Zeldin and Greg Ball

I criticize the New York GOP as much as anyone who doesn’t have to rely on party patronage to support himself. It can get awkward sometimes, what with me being the new media director of the NYS Young Republicans and the host of our weekly podcast “The Right Hook.” I guess you can call me anti-establishment, but that would require there to be an establishment in the first place (but at least we aren’t as bad as California).

That said, one of the benefits of hosting “The Right Hook” is that it allows me to talk to various candidates and other elected officials throughout the state…and I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to more than a few cats who, as jaded as I can be sometimes, really to represent the best we have and are not only the future of the state party, but the country as well. Two of them were just elected to the state senate: Lee Zeldin and Greg Ball.

Neither of whom wasted anytime in getting right to work. Sen. Zeldin introduced a bill calling for a New York State constitutional amendment which will require a two-thirds “super majority” vote in both the Senate and the Assembly to increase taxes and fees, moved out of committee and onto the floor of the Senate for a vote. It passed the senate 41-19:

Not to be outdone, Sen. Ball introduced and passed The Job Creation and Taxpayer Protection Act of 2011. It includes a three-year tax credit of $5,000 for every new job created; an additional three-year tax credit of $3,000 for every new job that hires an unemployed worker; a moratorium on new taxes and fees on small businesses, manufacturers, and farms; a rollback of the 2009 small business personal income tax; elimination of the corporate franchise tax; and a new commission to make binding recommendations.

Keep in mind…they’ve only had the job for like a week or so. Keep an eye on both of them. This blog will.


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