Marco Rubio is a Filthy, Disgusting RINO

EDITORS NOTE: I forgot to link to The Shark Tank, which is where the news originally broke from.  Click the link for the full interview Rubio gave them.

No, I don’t actually think that at all. However there are those that, when you show the slightest disagreement with the “tea party,” go apeshit and throw around labels like the R-word. I never even consider Rubio a tea partier in the first place. Cats like him and Pat Toomey I always considered…what’s the word? Oh yeah, conservative.

For whatever reason, there is concern as to if Sen. Rubio is going to join the “Tea Party Caucus” in the Senate. As for today, he’s not. And if you’re wondering as to what the point of a TP Caucus us, so is Marco Rubio…

“Why do we need something in addition to the steering committee?…My concern is that politicians all of a sudden start co-opting the mantle of “Tea Party”. If all of a sudden being in the Tea Party is not something that is happening in Main Street, but rather something that’s happening in Washington D.C., the “Tea Party” all of a sudden becomes some sort of movement run by politicians…it’s gonna lose its effectiveness and I’m concerned about that. I think that the real power of the Tea Party comes from its ability to drive the debate and the issues from the grassroots up, as opposed to from the politicians down.”

Rational, intellegent, and cuts right to the point. This is why he’s the future of our party. ‘Nuff said.


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