Real Naked Blog: GSP vs Anderson, Brian Stann vs Wanderlai, and more…

Whenever there’s a UFC even at President Dana White does Q&A, there’s always a ton of news that comes out of it and this past “Tribute to the Troops” was no exception. Most of this has been interpolated from

GSP vs. Anderson Silva – According to Dana, providing they beat their next opponents (Jake Shields and Vitor Belfort) not only are we getting this match, we’re getting it this year. The deal is that St. Pierre would move up to 185 permanently, which would vacate the 170 title. The way I see it, the UFC gets one to three fights out of the two of them. If Silva wins, that’s it and he probably goes to 205. If GSP wins, Silva gets a rematch…and possibly the fans get a trilogy. Either way, boo Shields and boo Belfort, I hope you both lose.

Brian Stann vs. Wanderlai Silva – This fight is the one I’m most looking forward too, because I’m a huge fan of Brian Stann, who after beating Chris Leben last month called out Wanderlai. The UFC is working on making it happen, and depending on what happens with the GSP/Anderson fight, could there possibly be title implications? A Silva vs. Silva fight would be sick.

Light heavyweight Division – Shogun Rua defends the title against Rashad Evans in March, and the winner will most likely face Rampage Jackson. Either match up would be a great fight, and while Jackson has losses against both of them, the hype between Evans/Rampage 2 would be awesomely awesomer one for the fans. After that, there are fights between Ryan Bader/Jon Jones and Rich Franklin/Forest Griffin to decide who comes next. Out of the four, my money is on Bader.

Loser Leaves Town – That’s the deal for Lyoto Machida and Tito Ortiz in each of their next fights. If they lose, they’re gone. Machida, after eviscerating Rashad Evans and having it be declared the “Machida Era,” won a disputed decision against Shogun before back to back loss in a rematch and against Rampage. Ortiz hasn’t won a fight since 2006, and his last win was against Ken Shamrock.


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