Digital Learning and Jeb Bush (w/ video)

Education reform is an important issue for everyone in this country, that’s like saying rain is wet. However politically, for Republicans, it’s ripe for us to claim for ourselves. Democrats were known as the “education” party, but it’s becoming clear to people they are more the “teachers union” party, who even independent voters and some moderate Dems are sick of.

If you want to know how bought and paid for Dems are but the teachers unions, ask FORMER Democratic Mayor Adrian Fenty who was thrown under the bus by his party after trying to reform the Washington DC school system.

Though, as much fun of a piñata the teachers unions are, it’s going to take ideas to prove we’re the party of education reform, and out of the box one’s at that. Newt Gingrich and Mitch Daniels have sounded off on some, and of course there’s the Republican leader when it comes to education reform, Jeb Bush (the good Bush). Two words: digital learning…


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