Meet the Future of the NY GOP: Marc Molinaro

One of the worst kept secrets is how much the Young Republicans love Marc Molinaro. The joke with my boss and peerless leader Lynn Krogh (Bon Jovi to my Sambora) is that she’s the chair of the Draft Marc Molinaro for (Place Higher Office Here) PAC. Right now I think we have him down for County Executive, though I still like the way Sen. Molinaro sounds…and I don’t mean state senator. We still need someone to run against Kristen Gilligan.

(Type Gillibrand in your Blackberry and it spell checks the name as Gilligan. Who am I to argue with my Smartphone?)

For now, I think he’s busy enough with his current gig as the #2 Republican in the Assembly, plus Gov. Cuomo (who sounds like he’s going to be a great Republican Governor) to take part in his Mandate Relief Redesign Team. But who is Assemblyman Molinaro? Glad you asked…

In 1994, at the age of 18, he was elected to serve on the Tivoli Village Board of Trustees in Dutchess County, making him the youngest elected official to ever serve in New York. Just a year later, he was elected mayor of the Hudson Valley village, which gave him the title of being the youngest mayor in the United States.

Re-elected as mayor five times and also running four successful campaigns for a seat on the Dutchess County Legislature, Molinaro said he has “both lamented and understood the impact of unfunded mandates on communities, school districts and the local property taxpayers” in his pre-Assembly experiences.

“Having only been in local government recently, I think I do come to the table with a recent understanding and appreciation for that impact and what it means to the property taxpayers,” said Molinaro. “I think having that recent experience is helpful.”

You can follow him on the Twitter and the Facebook, as well as the Internets.


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