[VIDEO] Mitt Romney: Remember that Guy?

I’ve said before on this blog, I like the path Mitt Romney is taking to inevitably announcing he’s running for President. Instead of jumping up and down and rushing to the nearest camera over every national news story, he’s been behind the scenes raising money for candidates, traveling, and having dinner with a possible running mate?

He does make the rounds on occasion, and the State of the Union address seemed to be as good as a time as any. Besides responding to the President’s wish list for the next year, he’s also opining on who might make a good Presidential candidate for the Republicans…

You know, I don’t know who all is going to get in the race, but I do believe that it would be helpful if at least one of the people who is running in the Republican field had extensive experience in the private sector — in small business, in big business, working with the economy. Because, frankly, not just solving the near-term problems of unemployment — people not getting checks — is going to require someone with that experience — but also also long-term. We’ve got to have a strong economic foundation to make sure that we can stay ahead of the challenges we face — like a growing China and a militarily aggressive China. We’re going to have to stay so far ahead that no one ever questions the capacity of America to stand by the forces of freedom in the world.

Sound like anyone you’ve heard of? Video below the fold…


One thought on “[VIDEO] Mitt Romney: Remember that Guy?”

  1. Saw this live last night. He’s the only candidate on the horizon that I see who has the experience to tackle our most serious economic issues. And yes, his behavior the last two years (with his PAC & canvassing across the country) has been nothing short of brilliant, evidenced by his recent poll numbers in NH. At this point, he is the CLEAR front runner & he may just walk away with the nomination.

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