Rear Naked Blog: UFC 126 Predictions

UFC 126: Silva vs. Belfort is less than a week away, where Anderson Silva hopes to continue his win streak against Vitor Belfort. The undercard also includes two fights to see which fighter will stay in contention for the light heavyweight title. Let’s get it on…

I like Donald Cerrone over Paul Kelly and Michihiro Omigawa over Chad Mendes (I hate anyone named Chad).

Next to the main event, I think the Ryan Bader vs. Jon Jones fight is the most exciting fight on the card. Both fighters are contenders in the division. Both fighters are even matched. And while Bader has a undefeated 12-0 record, Jones would also if not for a disqualification loss. I see both fighters at 11-1 after this, as Jones goes over Bader.

Miguel Torres is a former WEC champion, and just simply a sick, sick fighter. I can’t imagine him losing his UFC debut, so he beats Antonio Banuelos.

I’ll be honest, I’m not all that familiar with either Carlos Eduardo Rocha or Jake Ellenberger, but Rocha is undefeated so far so I’ll take him.

Rich Franklin vs. Forrest Griffin is another interesting fight. They are both coming off of injury (Franklin eight months, Griffin over a year), so you know if there’s going to be any ring rust. Franklin also isn’t used to fighting at 205 that much. He made the decision to go up a wait class…and then seemed to get a string of 195 catch weight fights. He is how ever the one who knocked out Chuck Liddell with a broken arm, so I’m going to go with him over Griffin.

I never go against Anderson Silva, but if I was, Vitor Belfort would be the person I would choose. We saw shades of the “Phenom” in his come back victory over Rich Franklin, and Silva is coming off a fight against Chael Sonnen that he was two minutes away from losing before making Sonnen tap. I still like Silva here, but it’s close.


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