Monday Mitch: The Kidz Heart Mitch Daniels

“In my opinion, Daniels could be the bridge between the Tea Party and the GOP, the right and the center, and conservatism and youth.” – Max Eden, National Director, Students for Daniels

There is a “Draft Mitch Daniels” movement happening right now, only it’s not from policy nerds, lobbyists, or the big donors. It’s starting with college students from that bastion of conservative thought…Yale University. Yes, at first it sounds like a bad joke, but they already have THIRTY-FIVE other chapters throughout the country (something that surprised me when I interviewed their political director on The Right Hook), and most recently aired the first commercial of the 2012 season in Iowa and New Hampshire.

That’s right. The first commercial wasn’t from Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin. It was from college students looking to draft their candidate.

As impressive as it sounds (admittedly, I’m a Daniels supporter), they have drawn some criticism. This is what Matt Lewis had posted on the Twitters…

Note to young Mitch Daniels supporter: Your support for Obama in ’08 doesn’t reassure me of your judgment today.

I think that misses the point to what is going on here, because this can just as easily be “Students for Bachmann,” “Students for Cain,” or “Students for Place Conservative Enough Candidate Here.” These are all college students now, that means in 2008 they had just registered to vote and it was the first ever time they vote in a Presidential election. Like most students, they got caught up in the Obama hype.

(My first presidential election in 1996 I was so bored with the two candidates, I went for libertarian Harry Browne)

That was 2008. In all of TWO YEARS they’ve already realized that Obama was all hype, and after seeing the condition the country is in, switched to Republican. Two years. It takes most people ten to have a political awakening.

Let’s forget for a moment the fact that Mitch Daniels called for a “truce on social issues” and focus on the fact that there are college students (at least 35 chapters worth) who have already grown do disenchanted with Obama, there coming over to our side. That’s not only something that should be noticed and encouraged, it should be cultivated.


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