Proponents of limited government are not proponents of limited drinking (and other CPAC ’11 thoughts)

I forget where I stole the title from (probably the Twitters), so if it’s you…hi!

Here we are, back on Long Island after spending the last few days at the 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference, also known as the CPAC’s. My liver hurts and I’m looking forward to hibernating for a day or two, but before I do I wanted to expand on my random thoughts from the other day. I might even use spell check this time.

For starters, I can’t begin to say how appreciative I am for the relationship that’s been built between FTR Radio and Smart Girl Politics, and all the friends I’ve made. It started for me at last year’s CPAC’s when I had a drink (actually many of them) with programming director Tom LaDuke and he said, “I hear you got this little radio show.” So I would be remiss if I didn’t start by giving a shout out to Fingers, Paulie, Beregond, Jenny, Ashley, Jimmie, Josh, Mark, Molly, Brent, Tabitha, Stacy, Teri, Michelle and whoever else I’m sure I’m missing.

I also feel that I’ve finally arrived as a conservative internet personality…I was in the Kruiser Kabana.

Now, on to politics…

If I wasn’t a Mitch Daniels fan before, I definitely am now after hearing him speak in a speech so well received it made the headline of the Drudge Report. I was staked out with two friends of mine from the Hoosier State, and you could literally see them beaming with pride over their Governor. That’s not something you usually see.

As far as the rest of the 2012 candidates go, I’m ready for them to start fighting it out and bloggers to STOP fighting it out. Enough with going on aboot how “candidate X” isn’t electable. Mitt Romney equals Romney. Newt Gingrich equals Dede Scazzofava. Michelle Bachmann equals being bat shit crazy. Donald Trump equals anyone he raised money for. Everyone get over it and let’s just have all twenty or so candidates get in the ring and fight it out themselves.

The people I came away impressed with who I didn’t know much aboot prior to the convention: Gary Johnson, Herman Cain, and Allen West. Even Donald Trump I though was impressive.

Contrary to that, apparently I was in the minority from what I’ve read, but Tim Pawlenty doesn’t do it for me personally. This was the second speech of his I’ve heard, and while I agree with most of what he says…meh.

Of course, you had the gays who – never mind the fact that the social conservatives never treated me to an open bar (let alone three) before – are more conservative than I am if you look at their actual platform. Do I agree with identity politics? Of course not, but for me it’s the same with Smart Girl Politics. Liberals have been getting away with marginalizing different groups (gays, women, various hyphenated Americans) and treating them like single issue voters for the past thirty years and we’re only now starting to fight back. And as far as the people carrying on over what is and isn’t a “real conservative,” it’s time to accept people based on the issues we do agree with them on, and debate them on the ones we don’t.

It’s funny that the internets in new media have made “celebrities” out of various people. I say that just as an excuse to say what a great person Steven Crowder is in the real world. A lot of his colleagues from the “eConservative A-List?” Not so much so. Relative to this, while not a conservative, I’ve become a big fan of Tommy Christopher’s too. He disagrees with most of us on everything, yet still goes to engage people he has opposing viewpoints with, then goes out drinking with us afterwards.

And that, in a nutshell, was the CPAC’s. Now if you’ll excuse me, zzzzzzzzz……….


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