The Force is Not Strong with Mike Huckabee

There was a time where I was a big fan of Mike Huckabee. My first ever campaign contribution was $20.08 to his last primary campaign. I enjoyed his books, a lot of his ideas, and him simply saying, “I’m a conservative, but I’m not angry about it.” I know others have cried RINO because of (place issue here), but whatever.

He was the first candidate on our side who, when reporters only wanted to ask him aboot Jesus, would actually ask them, “why not a question about education or the economy?” And while his bitterness towards Mitt Romney leaves a lot to be desired, I still enjoyed his commentary. But lately…it’s like one dumb comment after another, most recently directed towards Natalie Portman.

So sayeth Huck…

“[O]ne of the things that’s troubling is that people see a Natalie Portman who boasts, ‘We’re not married but we’re having these children and they’re doing just fine,” Huckabee told Michael Medved. “I think it gives a distorted image. It’s unfortunate that we glorify and glamorize the idea of out-of-wedlock children.”

Yes, Natalie Portman got pregnant out of wedlock with a guy…who she is MARRYING, and said in her acceptance speech at the Oscars, not that she stood in solidarity with the unions in Wisconsin or that she was blaming George Bush for something, but that she was preparing for her most important role – MOTHERHOOD – and thanked her finance, i.e. the father of her unborn child who she is MARRYING. For this, she was criticized by feminists.

Obviously waiting until after you’re married is ideal, but isn’t this exactly what we on the right preach that people should do? Conservatives should have a two word response to this: “God bless.”

Seriously Huckabee? You can’t pick a better way to pander to social conservatives other than sounding like Dan Quayle.


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