Let Jon “Bones” Jones Fight in Madison Square Garden

Regardless of the ridonkulous amount of revenue it would bring into a state that sorely needs it, Mixed Martial Arts still is not legal in the state of New York.

Cats like Republican Assemblyman Dean Murray are in favor of it, others like Democrat Assemblyman Bob Reilly are against it (and who may or may not have been bought off by labor unions). Besides being frustrating to NY MMA fans, I’m sure it’s even worse for NY MMA fighters like Rochester’s Jon “Bones” Jones.

Especially in the case of Jones, who if you follow the UFC, you know is living a story that seems straight out of the movie “Rocky.” Picture it, Las Vegas, 2011. Jon Jones, a relative newcomer to the sport (has been fighting for less that three years) just defeated Ryan Bader. His training partner, Rashad Evans, was supposed to fight Light heavyweight Champion (and one of the best in MMA history) Shogun Rua for the title, but had to pull out due to injury. Jones was surprised live in the ring with a title shot.

Now, in “Rocky,” the underdog challenger fought in his hometown. It was a sold out crowd, which if this were real live, you would have to do did wonders for the local businesses in the surrounding area. The same could be true of New York native Jones. Imagine him getting his title shot, imagine the hype behind this relative novice fighter getting the opportunity of a life time, if he was allowed to fight in Madison Square Garden.

Instead…the fight, all the hype, and all revenue that goes with it, is taking place in New Jersey. That’s not right.

P.S. I like Jon Jones via TKO.


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