Marc Molinaro for Dutchess County Executive

I’ve mentioned before – and I say this as not only the voice, but also the heart and soul of the NY State Young Republicans –one of the worst kept secrets is how much we love Assemblyman Marc Molinaro. The running gag is to never refer to him as “Assemblyman” and instead choose words like “Congressman,” “Senator,” and “Governor.”

The second word broke that the current County Executive of Dutchess is retiring, the “Draft @marcmolinaro” tweets started to go out…which is why it’s more than a little bit of teh awesome to read that he’s “mulling it over.” On a recent episode of “The Right Hook” we had declared Dutchess to be the YR capital of New York, so it would only make sense that our “chairman” runs it.

It’s funny though, because we had just had our state meeting in Dutchess County a week or two ago where Molinaro spoke. Earlier that afternoon in the business meeting, they had talk aboot my experience at CPAC where I had said my favourite speech was Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. What made it memorable for me wasn’t so much what he said as much as it was the friends from Indiana I was watching it with, and seeing them literally beaming with pride for their Governor.

Name a single elected official where you live where you would have that reaction. I couldn’t…until that meeting and listening to Assemblyman Molinaro address the YRs. This is a guy to get excited over. This is a guy where, like on TV’s “The West Wing,” you can find yourself showing up at his door step one day to tell him you’re launching his campaign. This is a guy you’d be willing to travel all over the state for…which is why I’m thankful Dutchess is only a two hour drive from me. 🙂

Granted I’m not a resident of the area (where I live, “Marc Molinaro” probably wouldn’t be allowed to happen in the first place) but I would still like to, to whatever it’s worth, give my full endorsement of Marc Molinaro for Dutchess County Executive.


2 thoughts on “Marc Molinaro for Dutchess County Executive”

  1. How come your campaign is calling people and asking if they would vote for Dan French if they knew that his house was foreclosed on?
    Dan French denies this. Why should that even matter. I was going to vote for you but now my husband and I are having second thoughts. I’m tired of the lies that come out of political campaiigns.

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