Maybe Mitch Daniels is a True Conservative After All

I’m a Mitch Daniels supporter, but I’m also a sarcastic prick. That’s why I love calling him an unmitigated liberal RINO who wants to wave the white flag of surrender on social issues. Do I mean it? Of course not. I do it just to piss off my friends in Indiana.

It’s a cheap dig at the truuuuuue conservatives who seem to be the sole arbitrators of what conservatism is. Most either have talk radio shows or follow whatever they hear on talk radio, and a decent majority seemed to have been vocal supporters of Christine O’Donnell’s senate campaign in 2010. They don’t like Mitch because, among other reasons, the establishment GOP likes him, he caved during the chaos in Wisconsin, and he is supporting Dick Lugar for re-election in the Indiana senate.

That’s why I find this past week to be rather humorous…

1. He was endorsed by Dick Armey of Freedomworks. Yes, the same Dick Armey and the same Freedomworks that are leaders in the Tea Party movement (not THE leaders, but one of them). Armey, after presenting the Governor with “legislative entrepreneur award” had this to say:

“Tea party activists are very practical-minded people who are looking for results… governor’s got an outstanding track record. He’s not one of these show horses that historically have been winning elections. But we’ve got an electorate in America today with a much more serious and adult choice configuration than they’ve had in past elections. So they’re choosing substance over ceremony, character over charisma, and Governor Daniels fits the bill.”

2. A recent article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel illustrated how the reforms that Gov. Mitch Daniels made in Indiana set the blueprint for the reforms Gov. Scott Walker made in Wisconsin, and was even retweeted by the Governor himself. Yes, this is the same Scott Walker truuuue conservatives have been singing the praises of (and rightfully so). Daniels may not have answered a question aboot collective bargaining the way some folks would have wanted him too. I’ll take record over rhetoric.

3. Indiana state Treasurer Richard Mourdock, the guy running against current Senator Dick Lugar in a primary, doesn’t mind the fact that the Governor has decided to stick by his oldest friend, and not only would and will support Mitch Daniels for President, would “…walk through fire for him.”

Are there other candidates who may be more conservative than Mitch Daniels rumoured to be running? Maybe. Probably. When the candidates all get in the race, I’ll let them fight it out. I’m not really into the whole “I support candidate A, therefore candidates B through Z are RINOs” thing.

Just pointing out that some of the truuuuuue conservative talking points as to why Daniels ISN’T seem kind of silly.


2 thoughts on “Maybe Mitch Daniels is a True Conservative After All”

  1. Great points, John and thanks for the post on our facebook. I think (read: hope) if he takes his act to the national stage, these concrete points/endorsements will be what’s on people’s mind.

  2. Mitch Daniels is the Warren Harding of governors. Education is the only thing he hasn’t privatized in Indiana, and now we have a huge budget surplus and are one of two states with a more manufacturing jobs than public sector jobs. He’s a nerd, but I love the guy. Honestly, the nerdiess helps.

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