John Kasich: Earth’s Mightiest Governor (on Comics and Conservatism)

I’m a big fan of Ohio Governor John Kasich. He’s a member of what my crew and I have taken to call the “Shut Up and Govern” Caucus of the Republican Party. They’re the R’s who are reformers (more wonk than they are wank) who, well, shut up and govern.

There was a great interview with Kasich recently in the Washington Post detailing all the reforms he’s bringing and/or trying to bring to Ohio, and is even working with the Teach for America program (endorsed by education reform ingénue Michelle Rhee) to the state to help some of the states failing public schools.

But the key metric to any Governor is jobs. Kasich will be most judged by how many jobs, whether directly or indirectly related to his policies, have been created under his watch. This is where most on our side say that lower taxes help create jobs, and belief that Kasich believes. His lower taxes is bringing a major motion picture (and the jobs that come with it) to Cleveland…

A major motion picture, “The Avengers,” is going to be shot in Cleveland. Gov. John Kasich made the announcement Thursday prior to Mayor Frank Jackson’s State of the City Speech…Wayne Hill, chairman of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, called this “the largest film ever shot in Ohio.” It will mean a significant number of jobs. The movie was set to be shot in Detroit but Michigan’s governor planned to eliminate tax credits. The picture will get tax advantages for shooting in Ohio.

Never mind the fact that this is the most hyped comic book movie of all time – just about every Marvel Comics movie from the past few years has been building up to it – any movie shoot beside employing a ton of people directly, indirectly employees people as well through the local vendors, restaurants, and other companies that see there business increase as a result. Plus, one movie has a habit of bring other movies as well, all of which have a similar results for the local economy.

And all because Ohio’s taxes were lower than Michigan’s. As Stan “The Man” Lee would say, “’Nuff said.”

Editor’s Note: As is being discussed in the comment section, the tax credits in question were actually passed late in 2009 under the previous administration.  So while the basic principle of lower taxes was a key component and Gov. Kasich worked with the producers to bring the production (and the jobs) to Ohio, the specific tax credit wasn’t his.


4 thoughts on “John Kasich: Earth’s Mightiest Governor (on Comics and Conservatism)”


    According to Schwarz, the film landing in Cleveland is a direct result of the film making tax incentives signed into the Ohio budget under then Governor Ted Strickland in 2009.,2,3393357.story

    The movie will begin production in New Mexico in April of 2011 and move to Cleveland for several scenes later in the summer.

    According to Schwarz, the film landing in Cleveland is a direct result of the film making tax incentives signed into the Ohio budget under then Governor Ted Strickland in 2009.

    You forgot to factcheck.

  2. Yes, because Kasich even wrote the legilsation that brought the movie here. *Facepalm*

    Film Tax Credits Announced in Ohio

    by Justin Higginbottom

    The Ohio Department of Development has announced their new Motion Picture Tax Credit.

    Up to $5 million in credits will be available per production with a total of $10 million available in the 2010 fiscal year and $20 million available in the 2011 fiscal year.

    They even have a website to make subsidy shopping easier for film makers (which includes an online application for the credit and tips for green filmmaking). As noted before, a state film tax credit is bad policy. It’s movie star welfare. Those that argue luring movies to their state will produce sustainable jobs provide no evidence. Cost-benefit analysis is ignored. And the film credits don’t pay for themselves, as The Center for Community Solutions reminded Ohio.

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