All Eyes on Paul Ryan

There’s been a feud brewing – half legit, half ginned up by Democrats and the media – between Republican leadership and the “tea party” over the short term budget for this year the Dems never passed last year. One side wants gradual cuts and to play nice. The other thinks gradual cuts are for RINOs. Though the real fun starts next week when Budget Chairman Paul Ryan presents his long term budget next week.

Phillip Klein from the Washington Examiner lays it out like this…

If the Ryan budget is really good, achieves steeper cuts with a full fiscal year to work with and begins to address the entitlement crisis, it will help Republicans mitigate the backlash from the base should they compromise on the short-term budget measure. That’s not to say that it will eliminate any frustration from Tea Party groups and other conservative activists, but the GOP leadership would at least have an argument to make — that they came into office nearly halfway into the 2011 fiscal year so their hands were tied on this fiscal year, but when they had more time to work with, they presented a real plan to dig the nation out of its fiscal mess. Of course, if the Ryan budget disappoints, all bets are off.

The Hill has a preview of the budget and whether or not we’re going to finally get serious aboot reforming entitlements…

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will largely give Social Security a pass in his highly anticipated budget while proposing a significant overhaul of Medicare and Medicaid, according to sources briefed on the plan. The 2012 budget resolution, which committee Republicans are still finalizing, is scheduled to be unveiled on Tuesday. It will not back specific benefit cuts to Social Security or suggest raising the retirement age, sources said.

Instead, it will lay out the problems with the program and suggest authorizing committees tackle the specifics. It also will propose “trigger” thresholds for Social Security that, once reached, would ask the president to propose a way to fix the program.

I’m not thrilled aboot skipping social security, but like Meat Loaf says, two out of three ain’t bad. Reforming Medicaid and Medicare will be tough enough without the liberal demagoguery that comes with even saying the words “social” and “security” next to each other (they’ll demagogue over the other two as well, but whatever).

Either way, we can argue amongst ourselves over continuing resolutions and whether certain cuts are enough if we want, but the real fun starts next week…

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