Chris Christie: “Are you a patriot, or are you a patron?”

I’ve taken to calling myself the political director of my office, just because whenever anyone has a question they always come to me. Yesterday is was aboot 2012 and who our options are to run against the President. The best I could come up with is “meh.” I’ll get behind anyone who can win, but as for anyone who stirs any emotion…meh.

The one cat who seems to stir any emotion is Chris Christie, which really isn’t news. Everyone is begging him to run. He keeps saying no. None of us care. I still stand by my Yes We Can/You Betcha rule that says you have to finish at least one full term of office before I consider you for President. Christie makes it hard to do so.

I’m still waiting for actual results in New Jersey. In lieu of that, he seems to be doing well with the fundraising and red meat tossing

Chris Christie reportedly blasted President Barack Obama as a “poser and a preener” in a speech Friday night at the National Republican Congressional Committee’s annual fundraiser. Christie, who headlined the event that raked in a whopping $10 million, talked about the importance of leadership in his speech, according to Twitter dispatches from inside the closed-press fundraiser.

Christie called Obama “a poser and a preener,” according to a tweet from conservative writer Michael Goldfarb. Faith and Freedom Coalition head Ralph Reed, also at the dinner, tweeted that Christie said, “We will be judged at this moment of crisis. We must stand up, tell the truth, do the difficult thing.” Christie also asked diners, according to Goldfarb, “Are you a patriot, or are you a patron?”

I still don’t think he’s going to run. He will however make one hell of a king maker.


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