On Mitt Romney, Healthcare, and Domino’s Pizza

I was more bullish on Mitt Romney in 2009.

I’m not anti-Romney now. I was just a bigger fan just after the 2008 elections when I realized what a mistake John McCain was and saw where Romney could have helped us (no Republican was winning that year). Today he seems like just another average candidate, when a lot of us are looking for someone to inspire and motivate.

There are two reasons for that. One is that he’s stayed quiet. He’s hasn’t felt in necessary to overreact to every little media story like a lot of the other candidates have, and only comment on an issue when it was warranted. I can respect that, trying to look like the only “grown up in the room.”

The other reason is RomneyCare. You know, his healthcare plan that was the inspiration for ObamaCare, that we know was the inspiration for ObamaCare because the Obama Campaign makes it a point to say so any chance they get knowing the conservative are going to overreact and say “See, I told you so.” Shenanigans aside, it is a problem for Mitt, but I have a solution. Domino’s Pizza.

The American public felt the same way aboot Domino’s as a Republican electorate feels aboot RomneyCare…it stinks on ice. So Domino’s turn it into a media campaign. They came right out and said, “Listen, we know you think we suck. How can we improve?” Customers were encouraged to send their ideas in.

Romney can do something similar. He’s heard the criticisms. He tried to reform health care in the state. It didn’t quite work out the way he envisioned (still blaming Dems when he can). Now let’s talk aboot how to fix it. What worked. What didn’t? What’s best for America?

A little self deprecation can go a long way. There are still going to be voters who, short of him throwing himself at the feet of Mark Levin and begging for his forgiveness, aren’t going to care what Romney has to say. But a target campaign showing a little humour that engages the rest of the voters could be just what he needs to launch Romney ’12.


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