Mitch Daniels Endorses Paul Ryan and Heads to DC, Still Mum on 2012

I was curious to see which of the rumoured 2012 candidates would offer the strongest support of Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity.” Gov. Mitch Daniels, you’re up

The House budget resolution is the first serious proposal produced by either party to deal with the overriding issue of our time. The national debt we are amassing threatens the livelihood and the liberty of every single American, and in particular the life prospects of our young people. Anyone criticizing this plan without offering a specific and equally bold program of his own has failed in the public duty to be honest and clear with Americans about the gravest danger we are facing together.

This was also the same day Daniels booked another trip to Washington D.C., this time to give a policy address on education reform.

Dude, just announce you’re running already so we can get this shit started.


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