John Kasich Wants Angry Parents with their Finger on the Trigger

With the amount of random tweets from angry liberals the last time I wrote aboot Gov. John Kasich, apparently he must be doing something right in Ohio. The question is how many people he can piss off with education reform and something ominously called “The Parent Trigger.”


One of the biggest components of reforming the public education system is giving parents, particularly those in failing school districts, more of a say in their children’s schooling. I know that sounds crazy giving parents a choice, but that’s a rant for a different time. It ‘s because the system gives parents so few choices that things like a “parent trigger” are necessary.

So what is this “parent trigger?” Well…

The “parent trigger” would apply to schools that rank in the state’s bottom 5 percent in academics for three consecutive school years. If a majority of a school’s parents sign a petition demanding change, the school would be forced to accept the reform the parents propose:

–>Converting into a charter school.
–>Replacing at least 70 percent of the staff.
–>Contracting with another school district, an effective nonprofit group or a for-profit group to operate the school.
–>Turning the school’s operation over to the Ohio Department of Education.
–>Making “fundamental reforms” to the school’s staffing or governance.

My initial reaction to reading aboot a “parent trigger” was having to deal with the parents who complain to the principal anytime their child is reprimanded for anything ever, but those parents are generally from more affluent neighborhoods that wouldn’t fall under the bottom 5%. Parents whose involvement in their child’s education begins and ends with an angry phone call won’t be looking to pull the trigger.

But to finish in the bottom 5% three years in a row, and to be such a failure that parents organize and rise up to do something aboot it, this could be a very useful tool.


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