Top Ten Reasons Why Mitch Daniels Should Run for President

The more I hear aboot Donald Trump wanting to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate, the more impatient I get waiting for Mitch Daniels to announce he’s running for President.

Today brings two more news articles (both national and local) suggesting that he’s getting closer to make a decision. My sources tell me that one way or another, and official decision is coming in May…when he also happens to be traveling to Washington DC to give a speech on education reform. So while we wait, the good folks at Hoosier Access (where all Indiana bloggers serve at the pleasure of my CPAC roomie Josh Gillespie) put together ten great reason why Mitch is the man for the job.

The good folks at HA go into full detail on each of these, but for the bulletpoints, here are the top ten reasons why Mitch Daniels needs to run for President…

Reduced Indiana’s Debt…Without Raising Taxes
Turned Deficits Into Surpluses…Without Raising Taxes
Two Balanced Budgets…Without Raising Taxes
Massive Job Growth
Property Taxes Capped
Public Employee Unions Disbanded
Streamlined State Government
Affordable Health Insurance…Without Government Expansion
Aggressive Education Reform Agenda
Nation’s Largest Voucher Expansion Program


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