Lynn Krogh: An Ode to “the Boss”

With young republicans from all over the state of New York traveling to Corning this weekend for our biennial convention, I wanted to take a few moments to salute our outgoing state chair Lynn Krogh.

My relationship with Lynn started of on an odd foot. It wasn’t on the campaign trail or phone banking. It was before we even met and I almost set off a turf war between rival gangs. One day in 2008, I got an e-mail from the “New York City YRs” from their President who has been reading my blog and asked if I’d like to present an award to Rep. Pete King. Of course I said yes. He’s my guy, we Irish have to stick together, plus it’s kinda cool that someone I never met was such a fan of mine he was inviting me to his awards dinner because he enjoyed my blog.

So, I send out a notification on my mailing list. The first response was from…let’s just call him Guy Incognito (incase anyone from the Town of Hempstead is reading). Guy told me that this NYYRC wasn’t the officially licensed YRs and was a rogue organization…which I thought was ridiculous. How many YRs can there possibly be in NYC to have rival gangs? This was obviously just hazing the new guy.

Instead I ignored Guy’s warning and got the President of the Nassau YRs (who was also new) to send out a notice through our mailing list that I was doing this. When Lynn read the e-mail, two things came to mind: she wasn’t having an awards dinner that day, and who the fuck is John Brodigan? (Excuse the language, but she’s from Troy).

Our first actual meeting went better. I was talked into going to Troy (what) to campaign in the special election for the NY-20. You know, that was the race when the RNC decided to throw away an easily winnable seat by going negative when the Republican was up by double digits in the polls. This was the weekend when I learned Nassau County has a reputation for being loud, highly opinionated, and drunk (which of course now that I was involved…), but also when I finally got to meet Lynn in person. Once she found out that we both liked country music I had three videos waiting for me on my Facebook wall, and have been calling her “the boss” ever since.

Her dedication and work ethic are with out equal, to the point where we semi joke that she can’t be stopped by conventional weapons. And unlike many in the politics who hold people back until the proper “dues’ are paid, all Lynn cares about is that a) you can do the work, and b) that you have the initiative. I was involved with the YRs for all of six months before I got an e-mail from her to be on a conference call, because she had just made me New Media Director.

I’m not sure if she’s decided which Presidential campaign she’s going to take over yet in 2012, or if she’s going to instead choose the person whose going to defeat Kristen Gilligan in the NY Senate next year, or do both. Either way, it’s been a privilege and an honor to not only work with her over the past two years, but more importantly be able to call her one of my dearest friends.

God speed Lynn!


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