Mitt Romney: The Best of the Rest?

I’ve got something to say aboot the 2012 primaries that is going to blow your mind: It’s between Mitt Romney and not Mitt Romney. Shocking, right? Never mind the fact that the not-Mitt forces are the same people who were pro-Mitt in 2008 and thought he was the true conservative, second coming of Reagan, three legged stool, etc. This is where we are at. Mitt vs. Not Mitt.

I don’t have a dog in the hunt. I was more pro-Mitt right after 2008 (once I finally realized how much of an embarrassing train wreck John McCain turned out to be), but now I’m just pro whoever I think will be the best chance to defeat President Hopeandchange in 2012.

It just so happens that right now, that person happens to be Romney. Without getting into who is the truuuuuer conservative (any of our candidates would be better than one we have), there are three areas I think are important:


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