I’ve Flip-Flopped on Mitt Romney Again (or, WTF dude?)

Of course, immediately after mocking Herman Cain and Rick Perry for needing to be something more than just “not Romney,” Romney goes an does something that causes even moderate RINO squishes like me to go, “Are you serious bro?”

I wasn’t a fan of his back in 2008. It drove me insane when all of the “truuuuue conservatives” were claiming that Mitt Romney was the second coming of Ronald Reagan riding to our rescue on a three legged stool, even though he was same Mitt Romney then that they suddenly criticize now. I flipped after the election.

As I started to realize the error of my ways regarding John McCain, Romney was making a lot of sense with his well timed editorials and media appearance criticizing the President on substantive matters. While cats on our side were flailing their arms aboot birth certificates and Sharia Law, Romney stayed focused on jobs and the economy. This was a candidate I could get on board with.

Welcome to the 2012 race. I won’t nitpick over every issue he’s run to the left on if it would grab him an extra few points in the polls. Just these two:

He goes the “mediscare” route against Rick Perry. While entitlement reform was something a lot of us have been focused on, he did his best impersonation of the Obama campaign by going to Florida to scare senior into believing Rick Perry is going to take their healthcare away. So what now? If he’s our party’s leader, does that mean we’re no longer the party of entitlement reform? Especially when both his and Perry’s books said basically the same thing?

Then comes Ohio, where he can’t take a stand in supporting the two ballot initiatives crucial to Governor John Kasich’s reform agenda, similar to reforms put in place by other popular conservative Governors like Mitch Daniels, Scott Walker, and his new buddy Chris Christie, and even Democrats like Andrew Cuomo. Yet Romney…who was at a call center where they were CALLING VOTERS TO SUPPORT THE TWO REFORMS…couldn’t give a yes or no answer when asked if he supported Gov. Kasich.

So what now? I stand by what I said, it’s not enough to just be not-Mitt Romney, and neither Perry nor Cain do it for me right now. Yet in the span of a few months, Romney has waffled on two of the top three issues we’ve been fighting for over the past few years (the third being education reform), and is proving to be who a lot of his critics right…that the only thing he stands for is winning.

I don’t think I can take six more months of this.


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