Thoughts on Blogger Outreach…

I had interviewed The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis on The Right Hook a few months ago, talking aboot the 2012 election and some of the lower tier candidates trying to break through. He had mentioned that you can spend a lot of time writing aboot one of the candidates in a piece that you’re really proud of, but lose the incentive when you see the lack of traffic it doesn’t direct to your site.

This was something I had thought aboot in the past too, because there have been a few things I’ve wanted to write, but didn’t because I didn’t think the topic or person would interest anyone. Especially, when simply typing the words “Sarah Palin” or “Ron Paul” with a picture of bacon would get me page views up the who-ha.

I bring that up because I had blogged aboot [Candidate X] recently and their social media guy – completely out of the blue – reached out to me to make sure I had a contact if I had any questions, put me on his blogger list, and just basically wanted to make sure we knew each other existed.

Now, I’m a b-list blogger at best. While the Tabitha Hale’s and Fingers Malloy’s of the blogosphere are on the red carpet, I’m lucky if I get on a VH-1 celebreality show. If a campaign is going through the trouble to reach out to bloggers like me, to the point where they search for my e-mail address on my site, it definitely goes a long way as I think aboot what to opine and/or drop knowledge on in the future.

Plus, it was kinda cool to know someone in the campaign read my schtuff.

P.S. As a side note, to those of you who plan blogger conference calls? Some of us have jobs during the day, so an occasional one after hours would be nice. Just sayin’. 🙂


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