On Ed Koch, the Muppets, and the Last Schmaltzy Post Aboot My Dad

One of my goals in life was to see former NYC Mayor Ed Koch at a fundraiser somewhere, just so could walk up to him and say that I loved him in “The Muppets Take Manhattan.”

It’s the best cameo in the history of cinema. Gonzo runs up to him to ask if he’s seen a frog who could sing and dance. The Mayor: “No, but if he can also balance the budget, I’ll hire him.” Sadly, a video clip doesn’t exist of this on teh internets, so you’ll just have to trust me on its comedic value. It was with this in mind that I remembered it didn’t hurt to send an e-mail, and after finding an e-mail address I asked and his assistant said yes.

I set it for November 1st. I was taking the day off from work anyway since it was (or would have been) my dad’s birthday, so since I had time during the afternoon and it fit in to the Mayor’s schedule, it was set. When I told my mom this morning, she said, “That’s nice that you’re doing it today. Dad would have liked it.”

Then it dawned on me. Growing up, the two cats who introduced me to public life and have stuck with me through the years as who I compare all other leaders to were Ronald Reagan and Ed Koch. The reason for that was my father. As I was first being taught about heroes, role models, love of country, respect, and all that other schtuff, they were the two examples my dad used. It was especially true with Mayor Koch because, while Reagan was President, he was mayor during when my father was a police officer in the city. My dad had always said that after twenty-five years on the job, Mayor Koch was his favourite that he worked for. The fact that we were a Republican family and he was a Democrat didn’t even register.

You can listen to the interview this Thursday night at 9:00 on FTR Radio. I’m sure my dad will be, providing there’s someone up there who can show him how to turn on the computer.

And yes, I did tell the Mayor that I loved him in the Muppets!


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