For my 20,000th Tweet, I’m Endorsing Newt Gingrich for President

Yes, that Newt Gingrich.

Now, before we go any further, everyone get it out of your system:

Three wives, baggage, Dede Scozzafava, RINO, Tiffany’s, I thought you said you were dropping out of the race, commercial with Nancy Pelosi, I don’t like the suits he wears…

Ok, are we good? Let’s continue.

I’ve been thinking about this for while, since before I suggested taking a second look at Newt. I see the 2012 race unfolding one of two ways:

1. President Obama at full incumbent strength, where it’s going to be next to impossible for any of our candidates to beat him.

2. President Obama looking weaker then he does today, to where any of our candidates can beat him with, at the very least, the typical red-state/blue-state win.

The question in either case is, what kind of candidate do you want running against the President next year?

For me? It’s the candidate who not only has the ideas to put the country back on track, but has the idea’s he’s thought aboot more in depth then just in the context of his presidential campaign.

It’s the candidate who will debate circles around the President on any topic, in every debate, any time he has the opportunity to debate him.

It’s the candidate who, if we’re going to lose, is going to make sure we go down fighting.

Yes, I look at the same polls you do. They’re the same polls we all looked at four years ago that showed neither Barack Obama nor John McCain were going to be the candidates. There’s also a good chance that, post Iowa, I’m either looking for another candidate or just focusing on local races like I originally said I was going to do.

Until then though, Newt Gingrich is my guy.


5 thoughts on “For my 20,000th Tweet, I’m Endorsing Newt Gingrich for President”

  1. I’m locked in on Newt as well. I don’t care about his baggage and it’s already been aired. I’d also love to see Obama soil his pants during debates with Newt. Done.

  2. What media leave out of that climate change issue is Newt’s role in halting the climate change bill–he testified before the Energy and Commerce committee in April, 2009. If you watch the video, you’ll forgive him the commercial with Pelosi (which by the way has been completely misconstrued). I did a column about it today because I am so tired of people banging that particular drum.

    1. Yeah, the rub with the video is that’s it’s our side that blows it out of proportion. All because you say the words “environment” or “climate change,” that doesn’t mean you support job killing tax cuts by default.

      Do you have a link to your column?

  3. My real problem with Newt is when he was there is basically didn’t do anything to really put on the right track. Oh sure there was that Contract with America that he tried to pass but what about actually reducing the size and scope of the federal government? From what I remember, during my time in D.C. for another Congressman, Newt as a party leader was all to happy to expand the footprint of the federal government.

    Now let us discuss some specific reasons to hate him.

    1. Is for government healthcare mandates. Oh sure he has renounced them now but let’s be honest the guy wants them because he wanted them up until the moment the polls showed Republican voters really hates them.

    2. Was for bailing out the banks. To me that pretty much signal he might not be supportive of capitalism. If the market can feel the pain of a self correct what prevents it from doing the same ridiculous thing over and over.

    3. Supports Cap and Trade. Maybe not by name but certain on principle.

    And most importantly the guy was a fiscal liberal when he was Speaker of the House. That should never be forgotten or forgiven. He should never be allowed to return to office with an R next to his name because HE as a leader did nothing to put the GOP on the right track when he could have.

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