Tom Croci and the Dumbest Political Attack Ever

Tom Croci is a guy on Long Island running for Islip Town Supervisor, and someone I’m  admittedly a fan of. He had me at “this has to be something more than just patronage jobs,” something that neither party always seems to understand, especially at the local level.

Apparently his opponent (the incumbent) has a mailer going around, questioning is he’s even an Islip resident and that he really lives in Washington DC. My guess is that he’s trying to go for some of the anti-D.C. sentiment. And yes, for the past two years, Croci did live in Washington.

Here’s the rub though: he didn’t “live” there or choose to work there…he was STATIONED there. From a recent editorial by State Sen. Lee Zeldin:

“Tom Croci’s former residence in the Washington D.C. area was for the purpose of quarters while stationed in our nation’s capital. He was serving on active duty in the Navy under two U.S. Presidents. Between his assignments inside the White House, Mr. Croci deployed twice to Afghanistan and should be commended for his sacrifice in defense of our freedoms and liberties. Shame on the Town Supervisor for using Mr. Croci’s former residence in a desperate campaign attack piece to try to paint Mr. Croci as anything other than who he is…a lifelong native of Islip, a proud veteran and Naval officer.”

Yep. That sure doesn’t someone I’d want running my town.

*rolls eyes*


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