My Speech to the New York YRs on the Importance of Local Races

I was recently the master of ceremonies at a fundraiser for Walden Mayor (and future Assembly candidate) Brian Maher. Prior to bringing him on, I spoke a little on the importance of local races…

Before I introduce the reason where here today. I just want to talk about the reason WHY we’re here, which is the importance of local races.

Like you, I came off of 2010 fired up and full of energy. This is great, we took back the Congress, he took back state houses, we took back Governorships and elected a ton of great Republicans to bring us into 2012 where we’re going to take back the White House. And I look at the candidates we have running for President who are going to take it to Obama, and all I can say is…meh.

Seriously, let’s call it like it is. Mitt Romney reminds me of how Democrats must have felt in 2004. With Rick Perry, he makes me feel like the only thing he knows about a flat tax is that conservatives like the words “flat tax.” There really hasn’t been much about Herman Cain in the news lately. And poor Newt Gingrich has it worst than any of them. He got the kiss of death of me endorsing him this afternoon, so I fully expect him to drop out by the weekend.

Activists have a ton of energy and no one at the top of the ticket that do it for them, so I’ve been telling them what I tell you now…channel that energy in local races. Is it as sexy as national races? No, but it’s where the real reforms are happening, at the state and local level.

Just look at the reform fight in Wisconsin this year. It wasn’t Paul Ryan or Ron Johnson. It was the state senators and state assembly who stood up for tax payers, and stayed standing even as every liberal across the country went on the attack.

If you’re not happy at the top of the ticket, we need to fight for better candidates at the bottom of the ticket so that we have better options in the future. We need a stronger bench. And if the grown up GOP aren’t going to do anything to build that bench, screw ‘em. We’ll freaking do it ourselves.

And if you can do those two things, elect strong candidates and build a bench, and do it while helping out one of your boys…it’s a beautiful thing.


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