What Color is the Sky in Jon Huntsman’s World?

Cats are getting more and more unhinged when you say anything about their candidate or come out in support for anyone who isn’t their candidate, so for the sake of full disclosure, I’m a Gingrich guy. That said, when I read a headline like “Once GOP race settles, Huntsman likes his chances, I’m curious as to what race single digit Jon Huntsman thinks he’s running in.

This isn’t your typical “conservative calls someone RINO” blog post. I could give a damn that he wrote a nice letter to the President, and wanted to give him a chance. I know a lot of those meddling kids who were Students for Daniels switched to Huntsman, and that alone was enough for me to take a second look.

And when I did, I saw a lot of what I liked…

A conservative record he doesn’t get enough credit for.

Strong pro-life credentials

Incredible economic plan

If he would have ever focused on that, he would have been a great candidate. Instead, he seemed more concerned with being the “look at me, I’m a moderate guy” to where it’s all he talked about.

Don’t get me wrong, being “the moderate” isn’t a deal breaker for me. I don’t need the Republican candidate to walk in lockstep with everyone else, especially when I don’t myself. I support same sex civil unions, find it counter productive to favor adoptions but limit who’s allowed to adopt, and think conservatives need to find a happy medium between opposing tax increases and admitting that maybe pumping chemicals in the sky might be bad thing without making it sound like we’re celebrating pollution just because Al Gore.

And I’d rather a candidate who isn’t afraid to believe what he believes instead of the candidate who tells you what you want to hear with the same ten words answer all the rest of them use.

But here’s the rub, focus more on the issues we do agree on. Jon Huntsman seemed to be more focused on the issues we didn’t. Which is a shame, because he has a strong resume and would have made for an interesting not-Romney if he had a turn.

That, and someone should have pointed out to him that John McCain fired John Weaver when he was polling in low single digits, and wound up winning the nomination.


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