Harry Wilson for New York 2: Electric Bugaloo

Yes, I went for the hack “Electric Bugaloo” joke. Shut up.

The rumours about Harry Wilson challenging Sen. Kristen Gilligan for her US Senate Seat next year have been floating around for a few months now, most recently the other in the way of a Fred Dicker column in the New York post. Whether or not the rumours are true or not, your guess is as good as mine. The Dan Senor 2010 rumours still sting. But if they are true and Wilson is going to run, I’m in.

Besides all the reasons why he was just what NY (and the GOP) needed in a state wide candidate last year, the most important one is that he proved he can be competitive against the Democrats in a state wide race. Quite frankly, he would be Comptroller Wilson now if the top of our ticket last year were different.

So feel free to go through all my old blog posts on Harry Wilson, scribble out the world “DiNapoli,” and replaced it with “Gilligan.”


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