11/17: OWS and UFC on The Right Hook

Have a rough day? Feeling alone? Confused? Just thrown out of the private park you were illegally squatting in? Well wipe those tears away and settle down for your weekly dose of right wing extremism. That’s right kids. It’s political podcasting answer to Sodom and Gammorah, where the RINOs and the Radicals come together as one. Mic check. MIC CHECK! This is THE RIGHT HOOK!

So join your master of ceremonies Brodigan, voice for the voiceless and the heart and soul of YRs nationwide, as he bangs and clangs with some of your favourite regular guests.

First, we’ll be talking to Teri Christoph. Besides being a founder of Smart Girl Politics, Teri is also a board member for Project GOPink? What is Project GOPink you ask? Teri is happy to tells us all about it, as well as the big Women Working For Change conference in Washington DC this weekend.

Next we have Fingers Malloy’s sidekick Tom LaDuke, who was on the frontlines of the Occupy movement when Occupy Denver tried to protest BlogCon 2011 in…well, Denver. It’s odd though. None of the bloggers at Blogcon were Wall Street bankers who got a bailout, so it begs to question why they were being occupied since this whole “movement” is purely about Wall Street bankers getting bailed out and everything else is just a distraction. Maybe Tom will shed some light.

Finally, our good friend Kevin Marshall returns to review UFC of FOX. How powerful is the Marshall Curse? So powerful that Kevin decided, instead of injuring one of the fighters, he’s just going to cause one of them to get knocked out in sixty seconds after all the hype. We’ll also be talking about the UFC suing the state of New York.

“Autographs and Apologies” – Motion City Soundtrack
“Red Solo Cup” – Toby Keith
“Get Ready” – Bon Jovi
“Boom” – POD
“Ours” – Taylor Swift

You can listen THIS THURSDAY NIGHT (November 17th) at 9:00 PM!


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