Marco Rubio Sold Out the Conservative Movement

Well no, he didn’t sell out in the “rational” sense. It’s just that whenever you hear the words “bi-partisan” or “compromise” there’s someone who accuses you of selling out, and let’s be honest…it got you to click the link.

I just wanted to draw attention to this because you hear a lot in the media that “both sides” won’t work together to create jobs and get people working. Of course when you hear the media say that, they usually mean the Republicans won’t do whatever President Obama tells them to, but that’s not the issue here.

What is at issue is a bipartisan jobs plan between two freshman Senators, Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Chris Coons (D-DE). I link to the plan on Rubio’s page, just because I don’t want to link to the editorial in Politico.

Your thoughts? Here’s the bulletpoints…

–>Provide a three year extension of 100 percent bonus depreciation for the full cost of qualified investments such as equipment and property.

–>Provide a three year extension of Section 179 expensing levels for small businesses.

–>Provide a three year extension of eliminated taxes on certain small business stock.

–>Extend the Research & Development tax credit until 2013, increase the Alternative Simplified Credit (ASC) from 14 percent to 20 percent, and makes the ASC permanent.

–>Establish an enhanced research credit for domestic manufacturers to encourage job creation at home.

–>Provide veterans with a tax credit equal to 25% of the fee associated with starting a franchise up to $100,000.

–>Provide a five-year exemption from Section 404(b) of Sarbanes-Oxley for the first five years of a company going public, or for those below $250 million in total gross revenue (whichever comes first).

–>Eliminate the per-country numerical limitation for employment-based immigrant visas and adjusts the limitations on family based visa petitions from 7% per country to 15%.

–>Protect intellectual property by clarifying the Trade Secrets Act, and making it explicitly clear that it is not a crime for federal officials, in the performance of their duties, to share information about suspected infringing products with the right holder of a trademarked good.


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