Gingrich and The Brain

One is a genius. The other is…a brain. Folks, these are the jokes.

Yes, I saw the latest poll that shows Newt Gingrich to be the most competitive against Barack Obama. Good news, but my stance on polls this early stands…they change drastically week to week, and if we’re being honest, only matter if they’re good news for your candidate. Plus, I don’t want to acknowledge the poll that has Ron Paul in second place in Iowa.

There was an article I found more interesting then Gingrich only being two points down from Obama (and beating him with Independents). Byron York wrote about the former Speakers “wonky and unconventional” campaign, and had this to say about a recent meeting with a trio of scientists…

“What I am trying to do is initiate the idea that solving health problems is the best way to reduce costs,” Gingrich begins. Look at polio, he says. What if it had not been cured? What if one took the high cost of treating polio in 1950 and simply projected it through 2011? The numbers would be enormous. Without even considering the human benefits, curing polio was far, far cheaper than treating it over decades.

Now Gingrich wants to approach Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders the same way. “The scale of brain-related problems is so large and so unreported,” he tells the scientists, “that if you think of the supercommittee right now, for example — they’re trying to find $1.5 trillion (in savings) over 10 years. The projection the Alzheimer’s Foundation gave me was that Alzheimer’s alone could cost $20 trillion in public and private funds between now and 2050.” Spending billions on curing Alzheimer’s — sums Congress would never approve in today’s political atmosphere — could save astonishing amounts of money in the long run.

Here’s an example of why Newt Gingrich is my guy. Too often, the health care debate is framed by the liberal argument: [Sob story X] doesn’t have insurance and [Evil Medical Corporation Y] won’t help. Government is the only solution to solve the problem to reduce costs while insuring everyone, and if you disagree you hate grandma and a bought and paid for by…whatever is the liberal target du joir is.

This is one example to expand the debate with actual solutions to lower costs, while also debating treatment, research, and the over all health of Americans. There’s a lot more to the health care debate then Obamacare and mandates, and Newt Gingrich is the only one of our candidates equipped to have that debate.


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