Occupy the Octagon (or, Cut the Bullshit New York and Legalize MMA)

The latest in the struggle to get mixed martial arts legalized in New York is the UFC (or more specifically, parent company Zuffa) suing the state on the grounds that MMA not being legal violates their first amendment rights or something. Sound frivolous? Yes. But, this is New York and I think it speaks more to the frustration that Albany refuses to get it done.

It’s hard to see a reason why it’s not getting done, other than a culinary union having a dispute with the owners of the UFC over something unrelated to the sport or even the state of NY, and the Democrat leadership in the NY Assembly being a whole owned subsidiary of Big Labor. Here’s the thing though…the votes are there. Anyone I’ve spoken too says the voters are there. The Governor will sign the bill as soon as it reaches his desk. Leadership just won’t call a vote.

Cut the bullshit.

You oppose MMA in NY? Then you can take to the floor of the Assembly and ramble on with some diatribe where Dana White and Lorezno Ferttita are the 1% and you represent the 99%, and regurgitate a statistic or “fact” that shows you haven’t been paying attention since 1998.

Everyone else can vote in favor of the jobs and ADDED REVENUE MMA can bring to the state of NY, a state that is desperate for jobs and added revenue.


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