Giving Thanks 2011

“For His anger endures but for a moment; in His favor is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” – Psalm 30:5

I’m thankful for God in Heaven, who I hope hasn’t grown tired of my dad’s jokes yet.

I’m thankful for my mom, whose strength puts Nancy Reagan to shame.

I’m thankful for the next generation of Brodigan who will be welcomed into the world this Spring.

I’m thankful for my brother-in-law Keith. The added stress of suddenly being the, for lack of a better phrase, “man of the house” was made easier because I know after these past two months that, Heaven forbid something ever happened to me, I have complete faith and trust that Keith would be there to take care of the only two things that matter to me: my mom and my sister.

I’m thankful for a fifteen minute conversation I had with retired detectives Danny Kotter and Jerry Fenney.

I’m thankful for a best friend who cooks for me, gets her mother to pick us up when we’ve been drinking, and doesn’t make fun of me when I use her shoulder to cry on.

I’m thankful for three guys that over the course of fifteen years have gone from being friends, to boys, to brothers. And after fifteen years of hanging out in basements and bars, from lunch breaks at Blockbuster Video and dinners WWFNY, I may not have always acted like I appreciated it but they’re still the three guys I rely on the most. We just need to work harder at making it to the movies.

I’m thankful to the island of Puerto Rico. The YRs have always been important to me since I joined a few years ago, but there was something aboot that trip where we came back not as a club, but as a gang ready to take on the world…which is what it feels like sometimes being a Republican in NY. I don’t know if it was the rum or the O.C., or maybe just because Gally was there. But for whatever reason, to you I say…AYYYYYYY!

I’m thankful to FTR, SGP, and a bunch of people who’s faces I can’t recognize outside of a 50×50 picture and who’s names I don’t know without an “@” symbol in front of it. I’ve been struggling this year with feeling like I’ve wasted my life. Sometimes the only three things that made me feel worthwhile are a podcast, a blog, and you good people who invited me conferences and engaged me in conversation, and otherwise making me feel like I mattered. You also sent some of the most touching comments for my family who you’ve never met, and me who at most have only met in person four times. I can’t begin to explain what an important part of my life you’ve all become.

I’m thankful for Sen. Greg Ball’s Veterans Thanksgiving Dinner and Mayor Brian Maher organizing the “Extreme Home Makeover” Orange County edition, two events I had the privilege of volunteering for, and when my soul needed it the most.

I’m thankful that I got to meet Lilly this year, and look forward to when I can introduce her to Charlotte.

I’m thankful Smallz is finally home safe and sound.

I’m thankful for Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

I’m thankful for Zac Brown Band.

I’m thankful that I finally got to tell former NYC mayor Ed Koch how much I loved him in the “Muppets Take Manhattan.”

Finally, I’m thankful to all the love and support my family has been shown this year. I’ve been doing this for a number of years now, and I almost didn’t do it this year because all of you have meant so much to me and my family, I didn’t know how to how to properly express how thankful I am for each and everyone one of you. You’ve all gone out of your way to be there for us when we needed it the most, and more than anything else, I’m thankful that God has blessed me such amazing people in my life.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Make sure the people you love most in your life know it.

God bless.


One thought on “Giving Thanks 2011”

  1. Wow! That did me good. Thank you for putting this together, and all you and so many do to keep hope alive for our fantastic country. And may God continue to bless, comfort and keep your family always. Stay strong!

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