12/8: Redefining Conservatism and a Second Look at Jon Huntsman on THE RIGHT HOOK

Are you feeling down? Are you feeling confused? Are you upset that you candidate is the only truuuuuue conservative in the race? Well wipe those tears away and settle down for your weekly dose of right wing extremism. That’s right kids. It’s political podcasting answer to Sodom and Gammorah, where the RINOs and the Radicals come together as one. Mic check. MIC CHECK! This is THE RIGHT HOOK!

So join your master of ceremonies Brodigan, voice for the voiceless and the heart and soul of YRs nationwide, for a very special episode as we’ll be joined for the full hour by Nick D’Angelo, founder of those meddling kids over at Be Heard PAC.

HEAR… Nick tells us aboot his new book “Redefining Conservatism: The Young Guns of New York.”

SEE… why maybe, just maybe, we should be taking a second look at Jon Huntsman.

SMELL… what the two of us are cooking when we review mistakes the NY GOP made in 2010 that we hope they’re going to correct in 2012.

For more on Nick/BeHeard:

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Taking Me Home Tonight – Every Avenue
Your Love – Midtown
Bad Romance – Artist vs Poet

You can listen THIS THURSDAY NIGHT (December 8th) at 8:00 PM!


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