12/15: The Economy and The Election (and Kid Rock) on THE RIGHT HOOK

From deep in the heart of the LI, craft beer capital of New York, it’s time to do it proud and do it loud with your the weekly wrap our legs around your torso and just give it to you dose of right wing extremism. It’s the anthem for the conservative underground where the RINOs and the radicals come together as one. Brothers and sisters…THIS IS THE RIGHT HOOK!

And of course your master of ceremonies Brodigan, voice for the voiceless and the heart and soul of YRs nationwide, is bringing you the best podcast this side of “The Delivery.”

First, we’ll be talking to Matthias Shapiro of PoliticalMathBlog.com. Matthias first burst onto the scene with his 10,000 pennies videos, and has consistently been one of our top go to bloggers when numbers need to be crunched. He’ll be taking a look at all of the Obama Campaign’s economic predictions…and why none of them seemed to have come close.

We’ll also have The Daily Caller’s Will Rahn and Alexis Levinson, live on the scene from New Hampshire, with a look at where the GOP primaries are at heading into the primaries. They’ll also be coming straight from a Ron Paul rally, so it should be fun.

All this while celebrating the music of Kid Rock, who isn’t as closed minded and intolerant as some of his colleagues when it comes to who can play his music.

Lowlife (Living the High Life)
Cold and Empty
Son of Detroit
American Bad Ass
So Hott

You can listen THIS THURSDAY NIGHT (December 15th) at 8:00 PM!


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