2011 Album of the Year: “Taking Back Sunday” by Taking Back Sunday

One of the highlights of my year was randomly being retweeted by John Nolan.

I choose a “song of the week” every week with the YRs, and picked “El Paso” the day it was first posted on the YouTubes. He was shocked (and I think somewhat amused) that YRs were into his band. My feeling has always been no matter how much people disagree on political issues, we can all agree on great rock n’ roll. That, and if we only listened to artists who agreed with us politically…Toby Keith gets boring real quick

The best rock n’ roll album to come out this year was easily the self titled album from the reunited Taking Back Sunday. From beginning to end, I loved every song on the album. The guitar licks in “You Got Me” were killer, and there was an underlying them in all the lyrics that appear to deal with forgiveness and redemption that I really connected with, as I’m sure most other could as well.

There was also something else, and something that growing up on Long Island led me to be a fan in the first place…these could easily be friends of mine who formed a band and hit it big, both in the style of music and also that “Long Island humor” that you can’t quite describe, but no it when you see it. Seeing the band reunite with the originally line-up just strengthened that.

Anyway, if you haven’t picked up the album yet, get yourself to iTunes…unless you live on The LI, in which case I’d direct you to Looney Tunes in Babylon.

Here’s one of their videos…


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