I Love NY Brew: Three Cheers for Chuck Schumer (No, Seriously)

No, I haven’t been drinking (yet), though y’all know I do fancy the sauce…

This is going to confuse the hell out of my out of state eConservative friends who only know Chuck Schumer as the entrenched Washington insider who demagogues and vilifies his opponents everytime he’s in front of a camera. While he is that, he’s also the senor New York Senator who is always trying to promote local business throughout the state, and now he’s chosen one near and dear to my heart…beer.

Craft beer is a booming industry and New York has SEVENTY-SEVEN breweries and brewpubs throughout the state. Schumer has launched a campaign to encourage local restaurants and businesses to sell more of them.

The campaign, called “I Love NY Brew,” calls on restaurants, bars and convenience stores to help out the industry. Breweries and brewpubs in New York account for more than 59,000 jobs paying over $4.6 billion in wages, said the Beer Institute, a Washington-based industry lobby group.

Schumer sent a letter to the state Restaurant Association and the National Association of Convenience Stores and Fuel Retailing asking their member restaurants and stores to offer locally brewed beer.

Schumer said New York City restaurants and convenience stores are a large, untapped market for upstate and Long Island breweries.

That last part is important for me, because I stumbled upon the craft beer scene on Long Island this year, and beside the people who run the breweries and brewpubs being some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, the beer is sooooo good.

So three cheers to Chuck Schumer. The next time he’s on The LI, the first pints on me!


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