Why the Newt Gingrich/Barack Obama Debates Matter

I have to admit, I’m a little taken aback by the animosity being thrown towards Newt Gingrich from the right. No candidate is perfect and I’ll be the first to admit there are parts of his record I was surprised by, but he is still the guy who led the 1994 revolution that brought us tax cuts, welfare reform, a surplus, and actually reducing the role of government.

Yet while some on the right appear to be actively trying to destroy him, he still draws huge crowds on the campaign trail of people hanging on his every word. I saw it first hand in Staten Island, and I’ve heard from people in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina that have said the same thing. His sudden reemergence can be tied to one thing. It’s not aboot being Not-Romney. It’s aboot how badly people are looking for someone to take the fight to Obama, and how Newt appears to be the only one willing if not also the only one capable.

And that’s why I don’t think it’s fair to dismiss the idea “Gingrich-Obama” debates. I think most of you reading this will probably agree that while the President is a good speech giver, he doesn’t handle himself as well on the few times he ever gets challenged on his ideology. Newt is someone who can pick it apart talking point by talking point, and dismiss the entire premise all while articulating the conservative solutions to everything. And not just with the President, with the entire Obama Media Complex as well. Anytime you see him on TV, you’ll see him point out how they’re wrong and we’re right.

There aren’t many people on our side who are cable of doing that. Does he have the perfect record? Anyone who has been on Twitter for the past few weeks knows the answer to that. I’m not going to lie and say there aren’t a few things that have had me type #headdesk and hit CTRL+V a few times.

I still think Gingrich is the strongest candidate to take the fight to the Obama Campaign. Period.


One thought on “Why the Newt Gingrich/Barack Obama Debates Matter”

  1. Hi John Brodigan, I agree.

    I also have the impression that many people are forming their impression of Newt from MSM reports, which are, naturally, distorted and fragmentary.

    I think people would understand better why some of us support Newt if they would watch his speeches and interviews directly.

    A good example is the Staten Island Tea Party speech from December 3, 2011.

    I have been pretty astonished at the ferocity and extreme agitation of his critics on the right. I wonder if he is such a threat to the Establishment of R and D that he is a threat to them. Otherwise, I don’t understand it.

    He’s asking the American people to team up with him. He says he wants all Americans in every neighborhood in every community to have the opportunity to pursue happiness, which means virtue and wisdom, not hedonism and acquisition. I like that.

    Dick Cheney said recently not to underestimate Newt. I agree.

    I support him and I fully intend to vote for him. I think if he is the nominee he will win.

    And if he wins, I think all Americans win.

    Thanks for this post. I look forward to those debates so much.

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