What’s it Gonna Be Jeb Bush, YES or NO?

I like Jeb Bush a lot and would love the opportunity to vote for him for President, but I’m not going to do this again.

First you have the mysterious poll in New Hampshire asking people what they would think of him as a candidate. Then the pundit class chimed in. Now, he has an out of the blue editorial in the Wall Street Journal defending capitalism while bashing Washington and mentioning his record as a governor. If history is any indication, he’ll probably have a major policy address coming up.

I see what’s going in here. 70% of the Republican electorate still hasn’t settled on a candidate to the point where people are talking aboot a brokered convention. Jeb Bush is one of the name’s that keep getting tossed around, no matter how many times he says no…yet here he is increasing his national profile for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Yes or no, Governor. Yes or no.


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