Don’t Settle for Rick Perry

A lot of cats in the blogosphere have been coming out with endorsements of Rick Perry lately, but I’m not seeing it. What’s sad is that I really wanted to.

I know about the record, about the job growth and the tort reform. I know that he’s a strong advocate for the tenth amendment. I know that everyone I know who lives in Texas brags aboot what a great governor. Here’s the rub though: I only know these things because of my friends who live in Texas. Rick Perry has shown no ability whatsoever to communicate those things himself.

Governor Perry has a great record. Candidate Perry looks like he’s auditioning as a George W. Bush impersonator, who is going to declare war on the country of Solyndra and who with an anemic economy and 9% unemployment, wants to make an issue out gays in the military and school prayer as an embarrassing and desperate attempt to pander to a small electorate in Iowa just to show everyone how “political incorrect” he is. Did I miss a major school prayer case that has become part of our national debate? No, the kids Tebowing in a Long Island school doesn’t count.

I also don’t get the impression he has the knowledge to be President, outside of the “ten word answers” you memorize to fake your way through things. Intelligence for me is a job requirement, not a sign of establishment RINO elitism. Rick Santorum may be way further to the right of me on a number of social issues, but I’d still consider him for President purely because he’s a policy wonk who has though aboot the important issues outside of the context of a Presidential campaign (yes, I know he supported/voted for things I disagree with when he was in the Senate).

I get the need to find a Not-Romney. I’m just not going to support a Not-Romney by default, just because they’re a Not-Romney. I was looking forward to a Rick Perry run. I even know non-political folks in a panty-wearing blue state like New York that liked him more than Romney.

But he hasn’t shown me that he has the ability to convince the country why they should support him, conservatism, or that he can match up against the President and the entire Obama Media Complex that comes with it.


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