Oh Noes! Obama’s Poll #’s are Up! What the Shit are We Gonna Do?

People are making a big brou-ha-ha because President Obama’s poll number went up this week, after months and months and months and months and month and months of bad numbers. Um, they do this every so often. A week will go by when he’ll get some good numbers, usually by polls conducted by news outlets that skew the sampling data to the towards the Democrats. Sorry, but Dems do not have a ten point advantage over Republicans.

Either way, we’re allegedly supposed to be concerned because this week of polling means that everything Republicans are doing is wrong, we’re screwed in 2012, and we should just do everything the President wants whenever he wants because that’s what NBC news and the NY Times say is the true spirit of compromise.

I want everyone to remember three things:

1. He just ended the Iraq war.
2. Unemployment dropped below 9%
3. It’s Christmas season

All presidents throughout history get a bump in the polls when there’s positive developments in a military conflict, and when unemployment goes down. The bump doesn’t last after, particularly when unemployment goes back up because a key component of it falling is temporary seasonal help. When it goes back up, so does disapproval.

And Christmas…it’s Christmas. People have other things in there mind.

Now, if his numbers stay at 50% or his approval out polls his disapproval in the next few polls, then we might want to consider panicking and trying again in 2016.

Just don’t overreact now.


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