Not Romney Screwed Not Romney: Viriginia Edition

This story broke just before I swore of politics for Christmas, but now that I’m back…is Mitt Romney the only one serious about running for President? Because this debacle in Virginia is just embarrassing.

Long story short, Mitt Romney is the only candidate who will be on the ballot for the Virginia primary. NO OTHER CAMPAIGN GOT THE NECESSARY SIGNATURES TO BE ON THE BALLOT (with the exception of that clown Ron Paul). Granted the rules were changed slightly after a lawsuit from last year…which I might be willing to take into account if the other candidates had never run for office before in their lives, and therefore never knew that there are a certain amount of signatures you need to petition your way on to any ballot.

It’s called, ironically enough, petitioning. It’s what you have to do for any elected office you run for anywhere. It’s why when you form a campaign, the first thing you do is see how many signatures you need, see what arcane rules and regulations you have to follow, and send volunteers out to collect signatures.

It’s why Mitt Romney started collecting signatures to get on the Virginia ballot in August and the other campaigns apparently didn’t.

I’m afraid that President Romney will be to conservatives what Governor Schwarzenegger was to California, and I have a preferred Not Romney that I feel everyone else should ditch their Not Romney and rally behind. That said, I still want to beat Obama. If your campaign can’t organize well enough to organize a petitioning drive, how the hell are you going to beat the President of the United States?

Because seriously? I’m just some schmuck blogger whose political experience is all of three years in the Young Republicans, and even I know better.

***Apparently there are a few states where petitioning doesn’t exist, so I was wrong aboot that.  However most states still do, and Virginia was one of them.


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