Tom Reed and Nan Hayworth Elected Prom King and Queen of the NY GOP

Interesting article in Politico, where they took a look back at the first year of the Freshman Class on 2010, giving out those cheesy awards you usually give to seniors in High School. Though while it was done tounge-in-cheek, New York did quite well for itself…

Rep. Tom Reed was runner-up for Most Likely to Succeed: Ask those close to leadership who their favorite freshmen are, and this New York Republican immediately comes to mind. Ever since he won a special election to replace Eric Massa last year, Reed has been central to leadership’s dealings with the freshmen. And he was rewarded for that with a conference committee position on the payroll tax bill (though he may not thank them for it forever.) If Reed survives New York’s redistricting process, expect him to be a player in future sessions.

Nan Hayworth wins for Most Likable: The ophthalmologist from New York and first-time lawmaker runs all over the Capitol complex in pink heels, never breaks with the Republican Party message and probably could befriend a brick wall if she spent a few minutes talking to it.

Though the highlight on the article? The entire freshman delegation from New York was Most Important State Delegation: Even as they walk a tightrope in their home districts, the seven New York GOP freshmen — Reed, Hayworth, Beurkle, Richard Hanna, Michael Grimm, Chris Gibson and special election winner Bob Turner — have proven, for the most part, to be reliable voices and votes for their party.


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