Boehner’s Out: Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House

Since the rumours have started that John Boehner may be out as Speaker in 2012, let’s start the rumours aboot Paul Ryan being IN as Speaker of the House. For the sake of time and getting this done before the boss gets here, I’ll skip over all the reasons why that you already know and focus on one…he can have the debate.

The reason so many of us support Newt Gingrich despite his flaws, is that when most people only know the ten word answers to get them elected, he can have the debate on why conservatism beats liberalism. Paul Ryan is one of the few who can have that debate, doesn’t have the baggage, and can make the case for conservatism without scaring off independent and moderate America.

Now imagine Ryan in a position of power. Imagine him presiding over the house and, with the added attention, with every bill that gets debated, framing the debate on why conservative principles are best. Imagine a leader who can make the moral case for Capitalism.

You always hear aboot the poor helpless middle-class American being picked on by the evil corporation. Imagine a leader who talks bout the middle-class American who had an idea, started a company in his garage, busted his ass making money, providing for his family, and creating jobs so that others can provide for their family…and how it’s wrong for the government to them come in and take away half his money.

All while tactfully telling the Elizabeth Warren-ite’s to suck it with their parable as the road builder, and that all because one person used the roads to create a business he isn’t indebted to the guy who only used the roads for sick time and vacation days.

Conservatives are always going to be disappointed with leaders who can’t handle the debate, but we also have to be careful rallying (sometimes blindly) behind leaders who scare away anyone slightly to the left of talk radio. Paul Ryan can.

Speaker Ryan would be something special.


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