The Hidden Conservatism of the Property Brothers

My moms likes to watch HGTV. It started with “Trading Spaces” and because she was watching while recovering from breast cancer (ten years a survivor), I had started watching with her, which ten years later has involved into all over the home improvement/real estate shows. And just this past weekend, I noticed a hidden conservative message in them.

Most “reality” shows are aboot how much you can spend whenever you can spend it, and I’m not even talking aboot the celebrities’ ones. Any wedding show can be summed up with nine words: “Mine, Mine, Mine, I Want, I Want, I Want.” But the homes shows are different…you see people operating within a budget.

I find this particularly true with “The Property Brothers.” Their schtick is that they show someone a house the can’t afford that has everything they want, then show them houses that they can afford and they can get some of what they want with some renovations, all within budget. On one episode, you saw a couple buying and renovating a house AND planning a wedding, all within a budget.

People on these shows are celebrated for making responsible choices, as opposed to most others in the genre where you’re celebrated for making the least responsible choices.

I had mentioned that the GOP needs to learn how to talk to my mom. They could start by watching HGTV. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t hurt for them to learn themselves.


One thought on “The Hidden Conservatism of the Property Brothers”

  1. Who are the true conservatives of America?
    Are they the same people who love slave trades/racism?
    Are the KKK conservatives?
    Do the conservatives love guns, bomb, Iraq war, killings and destruct ions while preaching to be pro-life?
    Are the conservatives anti-abortion and at the same time anti- liberal social policies?
    Is this conservatism just another hidden human face of deceptions?
    What values do these people really uphold?

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